Super Doaa Program

The Psychologist to Your Home 

Is devoted to helping parents learn new alternative ways to discipline their children and gain back order in their household.

Get Smart off-campus 

The sub-program means psychologists to schools to develop and modify behaviors. Ask the student Before providing them with knowledge and skills that contribute to the development of the positive side and face the negative effects of intellectual.

Program Objectives:

  • Initial psychological evaluation (30 minutes) with a psychologist

  • Behavioral observation ABC (This observation occurs in an environment where the behavior occurs spontaneously.

  • Hyperactivity test and distraction.

  • C.A.R.S. Autism in Childhood

  • Test Intelligence SB-5 Stanford Fifth Edition

  • CAYC cognition test, a child's cognitive ability ratios for a course.

  • BBRS test for behavior assessment

  • IQ test to determine IQ

  • Analysis of student drawings and characters

  • Lectures and meetings for mothers to raise awareness.

  • Behavioral observations.

  • Psychological consultation.

  • Shadow parameter.

Schools are contracted annually for an evaluation work for school children