Briefing About The Center

Get Smart Center is a therapeutic center for children in all staggers of childhood
( early childhood, middle childhood and late childhood )

The center began as a research idea on July 15, 2017. It`goals were mainly focused on modifying

unwanted behavior, enhancing learning skills and developing intelligence.

As we believe that building a healthy environment is the key to developing balanced  and

healthy personalities, we focus on that as part of the therapy.






Technical and Medical Director`s


Deepening our leadership in this area for the better, according to moderate methodology and a great vision that reveals and develops the intelligence, personality, and capacities of creative, talented and normal children.

We seek, with the help of God Almighty, to bring the latest training programs for children and families to develop the talents and creative abilities through a team of professional specialists.

A dream I have always wished to see come true. I have worked hard with passion and ambition to see the growth and development of children skills and capabilities. I worked to help them achieve good mental health and lead a good quality personal lives that would build up a better society. All thankful words that parents and children honored me with and every positive change I see happening are what motivate me to keep giving. I want to see my culture bloom...

I will work and work to reach the top.


Evaluating and Diagnosing Clinics

pre-assessment evaluation clinic

Is the first clinic parents walk in with their child in order to express their worries, ask for
advice and give initial information about the child. The therapist observes the child
for about 45 minutes and evaluates skills based on the manual of centers for 
Disease Control and Prevention and the Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders
DSM5 published by the American Psychiatric Association APA.
Knowing the first step of the needed therapy.

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Diagnosis and Testing

Diagnosis happened as the next step after pre-assessment evaluation through tests and DSM5.

Test include: Intelligence scales, Rating scales, Projective psychological Test, and Direct Behavior Observation ( ABC )

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ABC: Takes the place where the child is
ABLLS-R: Assessment of Language and learning skills 
HTP: House - Tree - Person Test
ADHD2: Hyperactive Disorder Test
C.A.R.S: Helps to identify children with autism
STANFOED BINET: Stanford Binet intelligence scales 
TAT: Is a projective psychological 
CAT: Is a projective test used to assess personality
ADOS: Is a tool for diagnosing and assessing autism 
ADI-R: Structured interview conducted with the parents
The VB-MAPP: a Criterion-referenced assessment tool


To identify the problem, to get to know the situation of the patient, to make a psychological diagnosis and to plan the best form of support. The patient has the possibility of getting accustomed to the contact with a psychologist and of taking the decision as to the possible use of further assistance


Single Therapy Programs

We don`t prescribe medications but we collaborate with the best psychiatrists in 
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In partnership with parents and schools, we help shape a healthy environment that
works toward building a child`s positive mental health

Get Smart Program 

8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Contact us 

Salim Ibn Al Harith, Ash Shati, King Road, Jeddah 23514, Saudi Arabia


Under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, License number 10004/043/070/101/026
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