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 Smart Program 

Pre-school readiness Program

Creative educational techniques to help children learn through fun. The goal is 
to get children ready linguistically, psychologically and skillfully to go to regular classrooms.
In addition, school readiness focuses on exploring children capabilities and talents to guide them in achieving independence skills.

The Target group are: 2 years old - 4.5 years old

Early Intervention Program

Early intervention program refers to procedures and practices aimed to address neurodevelopment problem of children, such as intellectual and autism spectrum disorders. The aim of this program is to help the child reach the age-appropriate skills that include mental, motor, social, behavioral and academic abilities. This is achieved by parents` cooperation with the center achieve the objectives of the program and its implementation at home

The Target group are: 1,6 years old - 6 years old

​​​​Intervention and Learning Disabilities 

The problem offers special education strategies meeting the needs of children 
Suffering from learning disabilities and the behaviors that as build up a result. 
The program includes assessing academic skills, attention skills, and evaluating 
of his/her functioning capabilities.

  • Learn Difficulty 

  • Slow Learner 

  • Academic Delay

The Target group are: 1,6 years old - 6 years old

After school / Intervention programs

The post-school program uses toys as a natural way for children to help them

Express their feelings more easily by playing. To enhance the sense of responsibility and the child's ability to direct himself and good independence

In the child, and also to strengthen the child's control over his behaviors and interactions and to teach the child the skills of decision-making and develop his ability

In a fun environment.


Helping children solve homework in a professional and fun environment with activities that attract the child's attention.

The Target group are: 7 years old - 12 years old
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